Streamline workflow with multiple
measurements in one system

The WaveDȳn Vision Analyzer is commercially available. The team is also developing processes of applying wavefront-based corrections to various vision correcting lens platforms for future commercialization.
  • Objective Refraction
  • Subjective Refraction Confirmation
  • Visual Acuity Measurement
  • Dynamic Wavefront Aberrometry
  • Dynamic Corneal Topography
  • Corneal Surface Irregularity
  • Keratometry
  • Dynamic Iris Image
  • Pupil Dynamics
  • Accommodation Range Measurement

Highly accurate objective refractions via dynamic acquisitions.1

The WaveDȳn objective refractions are based on the system selecting the highest quality measurement out of a sequence of measurements. 

  • The selected objective refraction is based on: SEQ, measurement quality, and pupil diameter.
  • The acquisition speed is user selectable, up to 120 frames/second.

WaveDȳn System’s fixation target automatically pre-adjusts for astigmatism to assist in managing the potential for instrument accommodation, facilitating highly accurate refractions. 1

Fixation target:

  • Cylinder: 0.00 D to 6.20 D (two decimal places) in any axis, 1-degree increments.      
  • Sphere: Fogging (-16 D to +12 D) instrument range, +/- 3 D target fogging.

Target brightness: Scotopic, mesopic, and photopic.

Data Viewer enables dynamic, playback video display of iris, wavefront, and CT maps for analysis.
  • Dynamic videos displays iris image, wavefront, and topo maps.
  • Displays 1, 2, 4, or 6 maps.
  • Refractive power displayed to hundredths of a diopter.
  • Refraction can be rounded to nearest 0.25 D.
  • Refraction is adjusted to clinic’s specific lane length.

Single step subjective refraction and VA, reduces exam time and improves accuracy.

1.System’s objective refraction & target are presented to the patient. 
Single step Subjective refinement and VA:
Adjust Sphere, Cylinder, and Axis values.
“Which do you see better, 1 or 2?”

An ultra high-resolution Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor creates high definition wavefront measurements.
  • WaveDȳn’s 116 µm spatial resolution provides for a wide dynamic range and accurate measurements. 1

Wavefront images are of same eye measured on three separate instruments. Systems A and B are commercially available.

Product Specifications 

  • Sphere and cyl measurements in 0.01 D increments. 
  • Spherical equivalent range (7 mm pupil) -25 to +12 D. 
  • Cylinder range (7 mm pupil) 14 D, Axis in 1° increments.
  • Wavefront diameter  from 2.0 mm to 9.0 mm.
  • Zernike terms displayed through sixth order.
  • Wavefront spatial resolution 116 µm (2,870 measurement points for a 7 mm pupil).
  • Eye image field of view 24 mm.

1.      Neal et al. “Dynamic aberrometer/topographer designed for clinical measurement and treatment of highly aberrated eyes,” Optical Engineering, December 2022, Vol. 61(12)